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F.A.Q -

Q. "How old are you?"

A. Joe is 17, Cody is 18.

Q. "Where do you live?"

A. Joe lives in the UK and Cody lives in New England in the USA.

Q: "What programs do you use to record your videos with?"

A: We use Camtasia, Fraps and Screenflow, and we use Sony Vegas to edit them.

Q: "What are your computer specs?"

A: i7 3770k 3.5Ghz proccesor quad core (ivy bridge serise)

EVGA gtx 670 graphics card

16 gb of ram

asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard

2tb hard drive

Q: "When did you get Machinima Partnership?"

A: October 17th 2012.

Q: "What's your upload schedule?"

A: Daily between 3-4pm (EST) / 8-9pm (GMT)

Q: "Who inspired you?"

A: PewDiePie, gustavoTRAILER.